When our body starts to accumulate toxins, serious side effects start to destroy the proper functioning of the body. This is where detoxification or Reflexology comes in place. Reflexology is the ancient therapy that uses the energy zones on the hands and feet of the human being to give relief from illness or other physical problems. In Reflexology, the toxins of the body eliminated through the hands or feet to keep up the body functioning.

Get Rid Of Toxins Using Foot Detox Patches

So, how does Reflexology help the body in eliminating the toxins that we accumulate during our food intake or breathing? Well, there are various useful methods of detoxing. Some natural but useful methods are fasting, juice fasting, dieting, sauna, hard physical exercise and many more. These types of methods help our body in detoxing. The processes of ionic foot detox bath and detox patches are the new but useful way of detoxing the body.

How To Get Rid Of Toxins Using Foot Detox Patches Fea

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

In ionic foot detox bath, the toxins eliminated through the feet. In foot detox patches, the toxins from your body released from the body through the feet and all you need to do I to wear a detox patch. Foot detox patches are mainly tree extract plaster that helps to clean your body in an easy, trouble free and painless way. With detox patches, you need to wrap the sheet of plaster on the sole of your foot before you go to bed. This will work while you fall asleep and when you wake up in the mooring you will see the color of the sheet has been changed.

The color of the detox patches change according to the toxins or physical conditions of your body. At initial use, you will see the color of the patch is changed to a darker one but with continuous uses, you will find the color of the patch has become lighter with time which is an indication of steady improvement. You can also use the detox patch in other parts of the body like wrist, groin, ankle, shoulder or knee.

The Foot Patches

Work on the principle of tree trunks. This may seem unbelievable to you but the traditional eastern world believed in this principle and worked on it to help many a people for hundreds of years. Actually, tree trunks contain a number of tiny tubes using which they can draw water and other nutrients through the roots of the tree and then send the nutrients to all other parts of the three. According to Reflexology theory, all the parts of the body well connected to each other and any patch sheet applied on the sole of foot will help the body in eliminating the toxins.

Just like ionic foot detox bath, the foot detox patch were used to remove the toxins in a natural way and it promotes a stronger immune system within your body. A detox patch contain all the natural combination of herbs, bamboo vinegar, chitosan, vitamin C, wood vinegar, vegetable fiber, loquat leaf and some other herbs. With this magical foot detox patch you just need to wear it before bedtime and when you wake up, you will wake up feeling vitalized and fresh.

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